Sentence Examples

  • It's difficult for me to transmit undetected.
  • In ordinary circumstances the messages from all stations are sent through the whole line, and thus the operator at any station may transmit, if the line is free, by manipulating his key.
  • Each transmitter is therefore able to transmit a separate series of positive and negative currents in different combinations; these are distributed, by suitably arranged distributors and relays at the receiving end of the line, into their respective receivers.
  • Owing to the difficulty of maintaining perfect balance on duplexed cables, curb sending is not now used, but the signals are transmitted by means of an apparatus similar to the Wheatstone automatic transmitter used on land lines and differing from the latter only in regard to the alphabet employed; the signals from the transmitter actuate a relay having heavy armatures which in turn transmit the signals to the cable; this arrangement gives very firm signals, a point of great importance for good working.
  • In 1902 Marconi was able to transmit a large number of messages across the Atlantic, receiving them by means of his magnetic detector.

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