Sentence Examples

  • The great orchards are in the tier of counties bordering the S.
  • The natural cleavage of the trachyte into joint planes had already scarped out shelves which it was comparatively easy for human labour to shape; and so, high up this cone of trachyte, the Greek town of Assus was built, tier above tier, the summit of the crag being crowned with a Doric temple of Athena.
  • Then a tier of 5-acre lots was apportioned to mechanics, and ioand 20-acre parcels of land were given to farmers, according to the size of their families.
  • They often rise tier above tier, and are sometimes all on the same level " facing each other as in streets, and branching off laterally into smaller lanes or alleys "; and FIG.
  • Numerous lateral ramifying branches spread out from the main trunk in a horizontal direction, tier upon tier, covering a compass of ground the diameter of which is often greater than the height of the tree.