Sentence Examples

  • Army (Prince Frederick Charles) moved off in echelon from left to right, the I.
  • The echelon and interferometer serve only a limited purpose, but must be called into action when the detailed structure of lines is to be examined.
  • The Altai, the still unnamed complex of the Minusinsk Mountains, the intricate mountain-chains of Sayan, with those of the Olekma, Vitim and Aldan all arranged en echelon - the former from N.W.
  • In the United States and elsewhere engines drawing behind them a number of ploughs, arranged in echelon and taking perhaps The sub-soil plough has the beam and body but not the mould-board of an ordinary plough.
  • One of the most interesting examples is that furnished by the green mercury line, which when examined by a powerful echelon spectroscope splits up into a number of constituents which have been examined by several investigators.