Sentence Examples

  • The order in which these three main themes are treated is by no means constant.
  • The themes of all his more ambitious poems can be traced to Chaucerian sources.
  • They strut about on the stage of the play like they were very famous actors.
  • Like Tertullian, and often in imitation of him, Cyprian took certain apologetic, dogmatic and pastoral themes as subjects of his treatises.
  • Beautiful old age in his Concord home, the Orchard House,where every comfort was provided by his daughter Louisa, Alcott was gratified at being able to become the nominal, and at times the actual, head of a Concord "Summer School of Philosophy and Literature," which had its first session in 1879, and in which - in a rudely fashioned building next his house - thoughtful listeners were addressed during a part of several successive summer seasons on many themes in philosophy, religion and letters.