Sentence Examples

  • The order in which these three main themes are treated is by no means constant.
  • Tourmagne, entitled respectively Histoire de l'esclavage ancien et moderne (1880) and Histoire du servage ancien et moderne (1879), which bring together many facts relating to slavery and serfdom; but they are somewhat loose and uncritical; the author, too, repeats himself much, and dwells on many topics scarcely if at all connected with his main themes; see also H.
  • Revelations concerning the last things and the future lot, whether bliss or woe, of human souls, promises for true believers, threatenings for misbelievers, his firm confidence as to the future triumph of the good - such are the themes continually dwelt on with endless variations.
  • His earlier volumes of poems, dealing with romantic themes, received little but unfriendly comment.
  • Like the No th~ Joruri dealt always with sombie themes, and was supplemented by the Kabuki (farce).

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