Sentence Examples

  • If submissions do not appease my conscience I must imbts to two oersons of discretion and abide by their decision."
  • The Ragman's Roll contains sworn submissions of all probi homines outside of the western thoroughly Celtic region; and, in October 1296, Edward returned to England, with Baliol his prisoner, leaving Scotland in the hands of the earl of Surrey as guardian, Cressingham as treasurer, and Ormsby as justiciary.
  • Early in 1067 he made a progress through parts of the south, receiving submissions, disposing of the lands of those who had fought against him, and ordering castles to be built; he then crossed the Channel to celebrate his triumph in Normandy.
  • Although (as in England apart from the Arbitration Act 1889) there is nothing to prevent, a verbal reference, submissions are generally not merely written but are effected by deed.
  • In addition to voluntary submissions and references by rules of court there are in America, as in the United Kingdom, various statutes which provide for arbitration in particular o cases.