Sentence Examples

  • Great prostration, vomiting and cold, clammy perspiration follow within one to three hours.
  • First faintness and irresistible desire to sleep. Then alarming prostration and vomiting.
  • Antigonus' preoccupation during the Celtic invasions, Sparta's prostration after the Chremonidean campaigns, the wealth amassed by Achaean adventurers abroad and the subsidies of Egypt, the standing foe of Macedonia, all enhanced the league's importance.
  • The prostration of the empire in the East by Avar and Persian invasions enabled them to drive the imperial officers from the coast towns.
  • Police, the prostration before authority, the sympathy pabikan lavished on royalists, the recall of the migrs, the opposi~ contempt for the Assemblies, the purification of the lion.

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