Sentence Examples

  • The parapodia of Chaetopoda are never coated with dense chitin, and are, therefore, never converted into jaws; the primitive " head-lobe " or prostomium persists, and frequently carries eyes and sensory tentacles.
  • Further, in all members of the sub-phylum Chaetopoda the relative position of the prostomium, mouth and peristomium or first ring of the body, retains its primitive character.
  • (2) In all existing Arthropoda the region in front of the mouth is no longer formed by the primitive prostomium or head-lobe, but one or more segments, originally post-oral, with their appendages have passed in front of the mouth (prosthomeres).
  • At the same time the prostomium and its appendages cease to be recognizable as distinct elements of the head.
  • 2) the head consists of the first somite only; that somite is perforated by the mouth, and is provided with a prostomium or prae-oral lobe.

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