Sentence Examples

  • Among the wool-carders - men of the lowest class, dwelling in the precipitous lanes about the Porta Ovile - there was an association styling itself the "company of the worm."
  • To grant a charter conveying almost unlimited territorial and governmental rights therein to George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore (1580?-1632), and styling him its absolute lord and proprietor.
  • In the following year Bogislav did homage to Canute on the deck of his long-ship, off Jomsborg in Pomerania, Canute henceforth styling himself king of the Danes and Wends.
  • In 182 9 a company styling itself the Middlesbrough Owners bought Soo acres of land, and began building in the town.
  • In 1268 he undertook an expedition against the Bulgarians, conquering the land as far as Tirnova and styling himself henceforth king of Bulgaria.