Sentence Examples

  • I've got to go comb my hair.
  • The best rippler, or apparatus for separating the seed capsules from the branches, consists of a kind of comb having, set in a wooden frame, iron teeth made of round-rod iron i ths of an inch asunder at the bottom, and half an inch at the top, and 18 in.
  • All the appendages are pediform and bi-ramose; all have a prominent gnathobase, and in all the exopodite carries a comb-like series of secondary processes.
  • His religion requires the Sikh to carry five articles - kes, the knot of hair on the head; the kanga, a comb; the kard, a knife; the kach, a pair of short trousers peculiar to the Sikh; and the khara, an iron bangle on the wrist.
  • The attendant allows the silk to enter gradually into close contact with the combs, which comb through the silk in exactly the same manner as a lady combs her tresses.

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