Sentence Examples

  • The Young and the Restless began airing on network television in 1973, and is considered to be one of the most diverse and cutting edge soap operas on the air with its plotlines that are socially conscious and even a bit daring at times.
  • Aside from airing episode synopses (and sometimes entire episodes) the channel also features news of the science fiction world on the "Sci Fi Wire" and has won many awards (including the Hugo and Nebula) for fiction published online.
  • Wrigley reportedly stopped airing their ads featuring the 19-year old and the NBA stated that they would no longer use Brown for appearances at special events, stating that Brown no longer "projects the image" the NBA endorses.
  • Grey's Anatomy (Began airing in 2005) - Grey's takes a page from ER's premise, but it really focuses more on the personal relationships of a group of young doctors and residents while using the medical cases as a backdrop.
  • Discovery Channel dedicated several repeat episodes of Deadliest Catch to Harris' memory, and in April 2010, began airing the new season which included the footage they had shot of Phil Harris before his stroke and death.