Sentence Examples

  • HELIOCENTRIC referred to the centre of the sun (i)Xtos) as an origin, a term designating especially co-ordinates or heavenly bodies referred to that origin.
  • Yn) as an origin; a term designating especially the co-ordinates of a heavenly body referred to this origin.
  • A system was introduced by Riccioli in his Almagestum novum of designating the more conspicuous smaller features by the names of eminent astronomers and philosophers, while the great dark regions were designated as oceans, with quite fanciful names: Mare imbrium, Oceanus Procellarum, &c. More than a century elapsed from the time of Hevelius and Riccioli when J.
  • The township, now practically built over by the city, contained originally several separate villages, the names of which are still used as a convenience in designating corresponding sections of the municipality: Old Cambridge, North Cambridge, Cambridgeport and East Cambridge, the last two being manufacturing and commercial centres.
  • The kin of Ghalib and the house of Ibn`Aun - to assert the right of designating or removing the sherif, to whom in turn he owed the possibility of maintaining, with the aid of considerable pensions, the semblance of his much-prized lordship over the holy cities.

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