Sentence Examples

  • It was during his imprisonment here that, "prive de toute espece de livres et de secours, surtout distrait par les malheurs de ma patrie et les miens propres," as he himself puts it, he began his researches on projective geometry which led to his great treatise on that subject.
  • Taking the variables to be x, y and effecting the linear transformation x = X1X+1.11Y, y = X2X+It2Y, X 2 +Y2X Y Xl - X2 y = _ x X I + AI R X 122 so that - �l b it is seen that the two lines, on which lie (x, y), (X, Y), have a definite projective correspondence.
  • The general relations between the parabola, ellipse and hyperbola are treated in the articles Geometry, Analytical, and Conic Sections; and various projective properties are demonstrated in the article Geometry, Projective.
  • Analytic This is the analytical expression of the projective Geometry.
  • Others, such as the Barycentrische Calciil of Mobius, and the Methode des equipollences of Bellavitis, give elegant modes of treating space problems, so long as we confine ourselves to projective geometry and matters of that order; but they are limited in their field, and therefore need not be discussed here.

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