Sentence Examples

  • Her lean body handled the strenuous task easily.
  • Succeeded in securing his liberty, under conditions which he instantly broke; and he at once embarked on strenuous and not unsuccessful hostilities against Aleppo and Damascus (1124-1127), exacting tribute from both.
  • Thus all his strenuous efforts, all his enormous sacrifices, came to nothing.
  • In July 1807 another British force of eight thousand men under General Whitelock endeavoured to regain possession of Buenos Aires, but strenuous preparations had been made for resistance, and after fierce street fighting the invading army, after suffering severe losses, was compelled to capitulate.
  • Bruges was forced after strenuous resistance to submit to the loss of its most cherished privileges in 1438, and the revolt of Ghent was quenched in the " red sea " (as it was styled) of Gavre in 1453.

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