Sentence Examples

  • The industries are the manufacture of copper utensils and yellow leather, and the stamping of colours on white Manchester cotton.
  • It was believed that its object was the introduction of the dreaded form of the Inquisition established in Spain, and in any case more systematic and stringent measures for the stamping out of heresy.
  • " Calculographs " are employed for stamping the time upon the tickets, and there is associated with each trunk circuit a device which lights a lamp as soon as the scheduled limit of the period of conversation is reached.
  • Ivan the Terrible had succeeded in stamping out ruthlessly all open resistance to his will, and had created an autocratic Theodore government of the Oriental type; but the elements 1.,1584- of disorder were still lying beneath the surface, and 1598.
  • (2) Much attention has been directed in scientific circles to the possibility of "stamping out" epidemic malaria by administrative measures.

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