Sentence Examples

  • It was unrealistic to think two people could spend a lifetime together and never squabble about anything.
  • This pamphlet, which had its origin in a petty squabble, was followed in 1793 by a Fragment de l'histoire secrete de la Revolution, in which the party of the Gironde, and specially Brissot, were most mercilessly attacked.
  • Nor are its dimensions (460 by 345 ft.) such as to place it in the first rank of structures of this class, nor are there any underground chambers below the arena, with devices for raising wild beasts, &c. But, as we learn from the case of their squabble with the people of Nuceria, the games celebrated in the amphitheatre on grand occasions would be visited by large numbers from the neighbouring towns.
  • A ' domestic squabble ' implied that the matter had little to do with English government policy.
  • At the end Nana is killed in a petty squabble that does not have much to do with her anyway.

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