Sentence Examples

  • These legends should perhaps be interpreted as pointing to a black snake ailed muss being those most dreaded.
  • Muss-Arnolt, Amer.
  • His doctor, who knew them to be indigestible, objected, and thereupon Ferdinand, in an imperial rage, made the answer: "Kaiser bin i', and Kniidel muss i' haben" (I am emperor, and will have the dumpling) - which has become a Viennese proverb.
  • MusS b.
  • At Tubingen he lived as student and teacher for six years, until on Reuchlin's advice, the elector of Saxony called him to Wittenberg as professor of Greek in 1518.1 Her character is evidenced by the familiar proverb Wer mehr will verzehren Denn sein Pflug kann erehren, Der muss zuletzt verderben Und vielleicht am Galgen sterben of which Melanchthon said to his students "Didici hoc a mea matre, vos etiam observate."

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