Sentence Examples

  • Among the Aryans of India, Soma is stolen by birds, as water is among the Thlinkeets, and mead in the Edda.
  • Space does not permit us to recount the equally puerile and barbarous legends of Vishnu, Agni, the loves of Vivasvat in the form of a horse, the adventures of Soma, nor the Vedic amours (paralleled in several savage mythologies) of Pururavas and Urvasi.2 Divine Myths of Greece.
  • When he stole Suttung's mead (which answers somewhat to nectar and the Indian soma), he flew away in the shape of an eagle.'
  • The prevalence of animals, or of godanimals, in myths of the stealing of water, soma and fire, is very remarkable.
  • On one occasion Indra got at the soma by assuming the shape of a quail.

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