Sentence Examples

  • So great is their extent that, in spite of the immigration of recent years, the Dominion government gives a freehold of 160 acres to every bona fide settler, subject to certain conditions of residence and the erection of buildings during the first three years.
  • When Christian county was formed from Logan county in 1797, Hopkinsville, formerly called Elizabethtown, became the countyseat, and was renamed in honour of Samuel Hopkins (c. 1 75 0 - 1819), an officer of the Continental Army in the War of Independence, a pioneer settler in Kentucky, and a representative in Congress from Kentucky in 1813-1815.
  • The settler also, who selected his homestead covering watering places to which the range cattle formerly had free access, came into conflict with the cattlemen.
  • The land being appropriated by the conquerors, husbandry, as the most respectable industrial occupation, became the legitimate calling of the Aryan settler, the Vaisya; whilst handicrafts, gradually multiplying with advancing civilization and menial service, were assigned to the subject race.
  • Manuel de Lisa, a noted Cuban trader and plainsman, was probably the first white settler (1807).

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