Sentence Examples

  • The habitant, placed again under their authority, had less reason to be content.
  • But His Fame Rests On Jean Rivard (1874), The Prose Bucolic Of The Habitant.
  • The Habitant Poems Of Dr W.
  • Drummond (1854-1907) Stand In A Class By Themselves, Between English And French Canadian Literature, Presenting The Simple Life Of The Habitant With Unique Humour, And Picturesqueness.
  • The Habitant Was Separated From Oldworld Changes Two Centuries Ago By Difference Of Place And Circumstances, While He Has Hitherto Been Safeguarded From Many New World Changes By The Segregative Influences Of Race, Religion, Language And Custom; And So His Folk Lore Still Remains The Intimate Alter Et Idem Of What It Was In The Days Of The Great Pioneers.

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