Sentence Examples

  • The most important response for an emotional eater is encouragement for them to get therapy, and to avoid saying one of the discouraging phrases like: "Just exercise some self-control," or "Just snap out of it."
  • If rules for behavior have been consistently modeled and expected by the parents, children should exhibit an increased sense of responsibility and self-control when they become school age.
  • Instead of reacting immediately, the student will develop the insight and self-control to walk away when angry to calm down, and evaluate his own feelings and thoughts about the situation.
  • Young children, or older children who have not developed sufficient self-control, may steal to achieve instant gratification when an object cannot be obtained immediately by honest means.
  • Higher quality care led to better child compliance and self-control, and children in larger groups (over three) appeared to be more cooperative than those in smaller groups.