Sentence Examples

  • Ages before Assur-bani-pal reigned at Nineveh the eighth month (Marchesvan) was known as " the month of the star of the Scorpion," the tenth (Tebet) belonged to the " star of the Goat," the twelfth (Adar) to the " star of the Fish of Ea."
  • The tarantula spider and the scorpion are found in the south of Italy.
  • When this has taken place, the gorged scorpion becomes distended and tense in the mesosomatic region.
  • - Drawing from life of the Italian scorpion Euscorpius italicus, Herbst, holding a blue-bottle fly with its left chela, and carefully piercing it between head and thorax with its sting.
  • - The same scorpion carrying the now paralysed fly held in its chelicerae, the chelae liberated for attack and defence.

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