Sentence Examples

  • The result was a scandalous series of scenes in parliament and of courts martial.
  • His trial, however, ended in a scandalous fiasco.
  • For some hasty words, amplified by the doubtful evidence of treacherous retainers,, ,~t together with a foolish charge of dabbling with astro~t~e ~n logers, the heir of the royal line ~ Thomas of Woodstock duke of had been tried and executed with scandalous haste.
  • The petition was refused and was condemned as scandalous, and Franklin, who took upon himself the responsibility for the publication of the letters, in the hearing before the privy council at the Cockpit on the 29th of January 1 774 was insulted and was called a thief by Alexander Wedderburn (the solicitor-general, who appeared for Hutchinson and Oliver), and was removed from his position as head of the post office in the American colonies.
  • After the assassination of the duke of Orleans (November 23, 1407) she attached herself sometimes to the Armagnacs, sometimes to the Burgundians, and led a scandalous life.