Sentence Examples

  • Scaling the wall once again, she dropped to her feet and was still for a long moment, using her senses to see if anyone was there.
  • Scaling of Notts estimated the entire cost of an osier plantation at £33, 12s.
  • The Girondins, when in power, had had scruples which had not troubled them while scaling the ladder; idols of Paris, they had flattered her in turn, and when Paris scorned them they sought support in the provinces.
  • One that gives way gradually and fills up the excavation made by removing the coal without scaling off suddenly and falling into the working faces, when practically the whole of the coal maybe removed.
  • The story goes that a Mahratta chief at length succeeded in scaling the precipice and in carrying off the horse, and although the thief was captured before reaching the base of the hill, the spell was broken and the fort, when next attacked, fell.