Sentence Examples

  • He now meditated a further enterprise against Geneva; but his attempt to capture the city by treachery and with the help of Spain (the famous escalade) in 1602 failed completely.
  • Soult and Marmont having begun to move to relieve the garrison, the assault was delivered on the night of the 7th of April, and Siege of though the assailants failed at the breaches, the Badajoz, carnage at which was terrible, a very daring escalade March 17 to of one of the bastions and of the castle succeeded, Apr117, 1812.
  • Near the cathedral are the arsenal (now housing the historical museum, in which are preserved many relics of the "Escalade" of 1602, including the famous ladders), and the maison de ville or town hall.
  • In December 1602 Francois de Sales was consecrated bishop of Geneva (since 1535 the bishops had lived at Annecy), and a few days later the duke of Savoy made a final attempt to get hold of the city by a surprise attack in the night of 11-12th December 1602 (Old Style), known in history as the "Escalade," as ladders were used to scale the city walls.
  • After the adventure of the "Escalade" the fortifications were once more strengthened and extended, these works being completed about 1726.