Sentence Examples

  • The ground beneath her rumbled suddenly, and she straightened, balancing herself against a tree.  Gabriel stopped ahead of her and Andre motioned her quickly away from the spot.
  • In this, as Most important cables, such as those of the Eastern Telegraph and the other with the earth; but it differed from other methods in requiring no " artificial " or balancing cable.
  • The lower ends of these wires are connected through the secondary coil of an oscillation transformer to an earth plate, or to a large conductor placed on or near the earth called a " balancing capacity."
  • The wheel was connected to a receiving antenna and the mercury to earth or to an equivalent balancing capacity.
  • All of them make use of Marconi's antenna in some form both at the transmitting and at the receiving end, all of them make use of an earth connexion, or its equivalent in the form of a balancing capacity or large surface having capacity with respect to the earth, which merely means that they insert a condenser of large capacity in the earth connexion.

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