Sentence Examples

  • No, but I didn't expect you to pout, either.
  • Claudia put on a pout, thinking she had misread Jackson's intentions for her.
  • She pursed her lips in a pout, and then jumped up to a music cabinet and opened a drawer.
  • BURBOT, or EEL-Pout (Lota vulgaris), a fish of the family Gadidae, which differs from the ling in the dorsal and anal fins reaching the caudal, and in the small size of all the teeth.
  • The inner line of fortifications was razed in 1890, and the defensive works now consist only of the citadel and three detached forts, one of which, Fort Blucher, serves as a tete-de-pout on the left bank of the Rhine, Wesel contains some quaint old houses, and a town hall, dating from 1396, with an elaborate facade, and containing a valuable collection of old silver plate.