Sentence Examples

  • These two foreign occupations, which were almost as displeasing to the pope as to the Liberals, lasted until 1838.
  • To that it may be answered, though these occupations be not used, there be as many newe occupations that were not used before; as getting of quicke settes, diching, hedging and plashing, the which the same men may use and occupye."
  • So far as we are informed, prayer and study were the sole occupations of the Therapeutae.
  • As early as Homer she takes especial interest in the occupations of women; she makes Hera's robe and her own peplus, and spinning and weaving are often called "the works of Athena."
  • (r) The ceremony of the Three Sacred Ploughs, by which the signal for seed-time was given, apparently dating from a period when agriculture was one of the chief occupations of her worshippers.