Sentence Examples

  • An IEP is typically developed by a team of professionals that may include special education teachers, physical, occupational and speech therapists, psychologists, parents or guardians, and others who may be called on to provide expertise.
  • Sometimes services overlap with the child receiving occupational therapy from each of the three entities and sometimes the child does not receive necessary services because of conflicts in determining which should provide them.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act and the agency of the federal government that enforces the law, commonly known as OSHA, is responsible for making sure that all businesses provide a safe workplace for their employees.
  • Occupational therapist (OT): a professional who has specialized training in helping to develop mental or physical skills that help accomplish daily living activities, with careful attention to enhancing fine motor skills.
  • To qualify for the diagnosis of sleep disorder, the condition must be a persistent problem, cause the patient significant emotional distress, and interfere with his or her social, academic, or occupational functioning.