Sentence Examples

  • He would find a bar where gangs hung out and purposely pick a fight with the biggest, most obnoxious member.
  • Nevertheless they were able to overthrow the chancellor, who was specially obnoxious to them.
  • All the Protestantism of England was in arms against the author of the obnoxious tract.
  • From the point of view of Orthodoxy the English Church is schismatical, since it has seceded from the Roman patriarchate of the West, and doubly heretical, since it retains the obnoxious Filioque clause in the creed while rejecting many of the doctrines and practices held in common by Rome and the East; moreover, the Orthodox Church had never admitted the validity of Anglican orders, while not denying it.
  • Overcrowding, the obnoxious display of advertisements, the compulsory acquisition of land for gas, water or electric-power enterprises, all the other burghs being governed by Public General Acts.