Sentence Examples

  • Rome, ever mindful of hei unique past, listened to Arnolds preaching.
  • 36 " proof against barbarian influences and mindful of its founder Seleucus " (Ann.
  • Fairbairn, mindful of the vast importance of the conception of God, amends the programme.
  • Moreover, the maintenance of the tribal system and the support given to the lawful chiefs did much to win the confidence and respect of a people naturally suspicious, and mindful of their exiled king.
  • The fleet returned in April 1684, and a few months after, upon a vacancy occurring in the see of Bath and Wells, Ken, now Dr Ken, was appointed bishop. It is said that, upon the occurrence of the vacancy, Charles, mindful of the spirit he had shown at Winchester, exclaimed, "Where is the good little man that refused his lodging to poor Nell?"