Sentence Examples

  • Many of the suits are from the mix and match fashion line, and because of this you don't have to mold yourself, or your body, to the one size fits all mentality.
  • If hybrid cars are to succeed and be affordable, the mentality of the car consumer that, "I need everything in my car, including a refrigerator," must change.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome is also referred to as cryptochidism-dwarfism-subnormal mentality syndrome, Willi-Prader syndrome, Labhart-Willi syndrome, Prader-Labhart-Will Fancone syndrome, and hypotoniahypomentia-hypogonadism-obesity syndrome.
  • Summer time is easily the best time of year to pull this off, too - with the overall style being so free and relaxed, it offers an "anything goes" mentality that makes just about everything feel polished and chic under the blazing sun.
  • The game is very easy to advance through, as a player may choose to adopt a "Hulk Smash" mentality throughout the majority of levels, blasting and smashing any and everything with little concern for life and irradiated limb.