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  • The eastern part of the country has always had a rather lackadaisical approach to maintenance, Tim said.
  • There seems moreover to have been a sort of rivalry between mother and daughter for the chief place in Necker's affections, and it is not probable that the daughter's love for her mother was increased by the consciousness of her own inferiority in personal charms. Mme Necker was of a most refined though somewhat lackadaisical style of beauty, while her daughter was a plain child and a plainer woman, whose sole attractions were large and striking eyes and a buxom.
  • He adopted what to undergraduates appeared the effeminate pose of casting scorn on manly sports, wearing his hair long, decorating his rooms with peacock's feathers, lilies, sunflowers, blue china and other objets d'art, which he declared his desire to "live up to," affecting a lackadaisical manner, and professing intense emotions on the subject of "art for art's sake" - then a new-fangled doctrine which J.
  • In light of this, can we really afford to be so lackadaisical about smoking?
  • Lackadaisical approach by the tenant.

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