Sentence Examples

  • Over the long run, Gemini's penchant for surface-layer conversation may irk Sagittarius.
  • The wicked side of her wanted to push in a few books next time he left, just to irk him.
  • He then tried to gain possession of Aleppo, as the key to Irk, but this was prevented by the intervention of the Byzantines.
  • The statement of Herodotus is illustrated both by Attic vase-paintings and also by the series of archaic female statues from the Acropolis of Athens, which (with the exception of one clothed in the Doric irk-Nos) wear the Ionic chiton, together with an outer garment, sometimes laid over both shoulders like a cloak (Greek Art,, fig.
  • As bishop of Lucca he had been an energetic coadjutor with Hildebrand irk endeavouring to suppress simony, and to enforce the celibacy of the clergy.

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