Sentence Examples

  • This result created a great sensation, and proved that Transatlantic electric wave telegraphy was quite feasible and not inhibited by distance, or by the earth's curvature even over an arc of a great circle 3000 m.
  • Beyond that sphere its authority stops, and state authority, unless inhibited by the Federal Constitution, begins.
  • Heidenhain's view is that the cortical centres of the hemisphere are inhibited by peculiar conditions attaching to the initiatory sense stimuli.
  • We now know this city to have belonged to the middle pre-Mycenaean period, long' prior to the generation of Homer's Archaeans; but Schliemann far and wide proclaimed it "Troy," and was backed by Gladstone and a large part of the European public. Trying to resume his work in February 1874, he found himself inhibited by the Ottoman government, whose allotted share of the gold treasure had not been satisfactory, and it was not till April 1876 that he obtained a firman.
  • The first and simplest law in psychological mechanics relates to the "sinking" of inhibited presentations.

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