Sentence Examples

  • Finally they walked the saddled and bridled horses out of the barn, and mounted them.
  • Germany and Spain might let themselves be bitted and bridled if they chose, but for centuries France had prided herself that, thanks to her Gallican liberties, she stood on a different footing towards Rome.
  • Before long, she was drenched and chilled, her skin crawling from the bridled charged energy of the storm.
  • The sorts used for carriage aprons, coat linings and the outside of motor coats include: blue kangaroo, bush kangaroo, bridled kangaroo, wallaroo, yellow kangaroo, rock wallaby, swamp wallaby and short-tailed wallaby.
  • In the West, " enthusiasm," in the transformation under which it survives, is not merely bridled but harnessed and set to work.