Sentence Examples

  • Governed by Death, the Sanctuaries were located on islands protected by magic and tended by convents of Immortal nuns, who helped any who came to them.
  • All wolves are governed by the ruling pack into which I was born.
  • His authority quickly and quietly accepted by all classes, the new ruler governed the city with a stern justice which was in marked contrast to the recent reign of licence and disorder.
  • Again he held that chemical phenomena are not governed by any peculiar laws special to themselves, but are explicable in terms of the general laws of mechanics that are in operation throughout the universe; and this view he developed, with the aid of thousands of experiments, in his Mecanique chimique (1878) and his Thermochimie (1897).
  • Before 1838, when Bolton was incorporated, the town was governed by a boroughreeve and two constables appointed at the annual court-leet.

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