Sentence Examples

  • He studied with his sisters' governess until he was nine, when he was sent to a school at Walthamstow.
  • After dinner Speranski's daughter and her governess rose.
  • Louise Lehzen, a native of Coburg, had come to England as governess to the Princess Fecdore of Leiningen, the duchess of Kent's daughter 1 The question of her name, as that of one who was to be queen,.
  • The Instructions donnees a la marquise de Tourzel, governess of the children of France, dated the 24th of July, 1789, in la Rocheterie and Beaucourt, Lettres de Marie Antoinette, ii.
  • And Queen Marie Antoinette; his governess was the famous Madame de Geniis, to whose influence he doubtless owed many of the qualities which later distinguished him: his wide, if superficial knowledge, his orderliness, and perhaps his parsimony.