Sentence Examples

  • The son of Zeuxidamus, reigned 476-427 B.C. (but see Leotychides).
  • A precarious peace had reigned in the Holy Land since 1272, when Bibars had granted a truce of ten years; but the fall of the great power of Charles of Anjou set free Kala`un the successor of Bibars' son (who reigned little more than two years), to complete the work of the great sultan.
  • Philopator (reigned 187-176), consisted of Syria (now including Cilicia and Palestine), Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Nearer Iran (Media and Persis).
  • Eupator (reigned 164-162), in whose name the kingdom was administered by a camarilla.
  • Soter (reigned 162-150) was a strong and ambitious ruler.

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