Sentence Examples

  • Jude Bryce was the pedophile who claimed Howie wrongfully accused him, until we proved he had switched identities with his brother; his brother Owen!
  • Symbolic Identities.- For the purpose of manipulating symbolic expressions it is necessary to be in possession of certain simple identities which connect certain symbolic products.
  • Henderson prefers the hypothesis that Lennox had lost Crawford's notes; and that the identities are explained by the "remarkably good memories of Crawford and Mary, or by the more likely supposition that Crawford, before preparing his declaration for the conference" (at Westminster, December 1568) "refreshed his memory by the letter."
  • Gregory's series and the identities 7 r /4 =5 tan1 + + 2 tan-',A (Euler, 1779), 7r/4 = tani ++2 tan-' s (Hutton, 1776), neither of which was nearly so advantageous as several found by Charles Hutton, calculated 7r correct to 136 places."
  • He agrees with Hegel that there are two fundamental identities, the identity of all reason, and the identity of all reason and all being.

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