Sentence Examples

  • The problem of the genesis of mind is practically solved by identifying the soul, 1 This is brought out by F.
  • The bikers wore helmets and most were in a low tuck position, making it difficult to get an identifying look at them.
  • There was another concern—once the bikers hit the lower ele­vation and the heat of the afternoon, they would be shedding outer gear and perhaps identifying numbers with them.
  • 28), identifying (so far as preserved) thirteen other Gods with Marduk, has been hailed by Friedrich Delitzsch (Babel and Bibel) as the great fountain-head of monotheism, and has influenced the bold if highly precarious conjectures of H.
  • Of the cosmological proof; but Martineau follows a side modification of intuitionalism (Maine de Biran, &c.) in identifying cause with will.

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