Sentence Examples

  • The historic tradition which identifies with the Cretans the principal element of the Philistine confederation, and places the tomb of Minos himself in western Sicily, thus receives remarkable confirmation.
  • Cagnat at Susa in 1883 gives these titles to the town, and at the same time identifies it with Susa.
  • Even in the older Davidic psalm-book there is a whole series of hymns in which the writer identifies himself with the poor and needy, the righteous people of God suffering in silence at the hands of the wicked, without other hope than patiently to wait for the interposition of Jehovah (Ps.
  • Those which were called forth by passing events), the author is called "the son of Amoz" and Rabbinical legend identifies this Amoz with a brother of Amaziah, king of Judah; but this is evidently based on a mere etymological fancy.
  • In his 31st canon John identifies them with the Messalians, as does the Armenian Gregory of Narek (c. 950).