Sentence Examples

  • Yes, she had crossed that last hurdle of doubt.
  • Once past that, the last hurdle was the human wanting to be turned.
  • He suffered death in company with Thomas Winter, Rokewood and Keyes on the 31st, being drawn on a hurdle from the Tower to the Parliament House, opposite which he was executed.
  • Suddenly, Hannah stopped.  Kris barreled towards her.  He glimpsed movement before he burst into the small clearing.  It wasn't until he leapt over the final hurdle – a massive fallen tree – did he see what stopped her.  One moment she stood with her back to him.  The next, she was on the ground, Rhyn's dagger dripping with blood.
  • The set of friends with whom he chiefly associated at Oxford were sometimes named, on account of their exceptionally decorous conduct, the "Bethel Union"; but he was by no means averse to amusements, and specially delighted in hurdle jumping and hunting.

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