Sentence Examples

  • The second is that Shakespeare captures entirely different moods from hilarious good humor to deep depression and remorse closely adjacent to one another.
  • While many women are familiar with waxing as a hair removal technique, a lot of men have no knowledge of it outside of that hilarious (if not painful) scene in the film The 40 Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carrell.
  • Although the first things that come to mind are probably the innovative animation and hilarious sight gags offered by the classic Warner Bros. series, the soundscape that the artists created was just as legendary and just as fantastic!
  • For nearly 30 years, Weird Al Yankovic has been creating hilarious song parodies and original compositions, and Weird Al Yankovic MP3 downloads allow you to enjoy the humor on the computer or portable music player of your choice.
  • The sight of pregnant Lego Padme is bizarre and hilarious, and the few beheadings and torso-severings will either have you chuckling with glee or pondering if Lego-on-Lego violence can indeed be disturbing (the answer is no).