Sentence Examples

  • The pull of the load is transmitted to a hook which hangs freely from the middle of a horizontal bar below the drum casing.
  • As they revolve these brushes engage the tea in the hopper, draw it out by degrees, and drop it into a compartment of a circular drum which hangs on one end is placed in the weights-pan of the balance, and is the only loose weight used with the machine.
  • This conscientious and unmoving picture hangs in the museum of Havre, along with a hundred later, fresher, thoroughly individual studies and sketches, the gift of Boudin's brother, Louis Boudin, after the painter's death.
  • Hangs a spotless white drapery of perpetual snow.
  • But, even granting that a certain obscurity still hangs undispelled over the problem of the old Avesta, with its twenty-one nasks, we may well believe the Parsees themselves, when they affirm that their sacred literature has passed through successive stages of decay, the last of which is represented by the present Avesta.

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