Sentence Examples

  • She'd let herself grieve for a day – maybe two – and then fill her world with as much sunshine as possible.
  • The cypress was the tree into which Cyparissus, a beautiful youth beloved by Apollo, was transformed, that he might grieve to all time (Ovid, Met.
  • Here is an example of such a petition from the 9th century codex of Heribert, archbishop of Milan:' " Be thou graciously pleased by the infusion of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and enhance the substance, of old approved by thee, of this oil here before thee; to the end that whatsoever in the human kind hath been touched therewith may speedily pass to a higher nature, and that the ancient Enemy may not, after anointing with the same, claim aught for himself, but that he may grieve for that he is exposed to the shafts of this blessed engine of defence, and groan because by the oil of peace the swellings of his antique fury are kept down and repressed: through our Lord Jesus Christ," &c.
  • No censures, excommunications or interdicts with which the Holy Father might vex or grieve the sovereign lord or his subjects, should be published or in any way impede the usual performance of the sacraments and the holding of the divine services.
  • Moreover, they urge them not to grieve for certain members of the society who have already died, saying that, " if we believe that Jesus died and rose again," we may also be assured that " the dead in Christ will rise " and will live for ever with Him.

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