Sentence Examples

  • He had a share in exposing the frauds of Constantine Simonides, who had asserted that the Codex Sinaiticus brought by Tischendorf from the Greek monastery of Mount Sinai was a modern forgery of which he was himself the author.
  • He did subdue Aquitaine completely, thanks to his brother Charibert, with whom he had avoided dividing the kingdom, and he tried to restore his own demesne, which had been despoiled by the granting of benefices or by the pious frauds of the Church.
  • It had a remarkable record in the exposure of shams and organized impostures, especially frauds on the charitable.
  • At Westminster, Perkin publicly recited a long narrative of his real parentage, his frauds and his adventures.
  • But Missouri did not move her slaves; while her vicinity encouraged border partisans to seek such establishment even without residence - by intimidation, election frauds and outrage.

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