Sentence Examples

  • It is readily soluble in warm dilute mineral acids forming cobaltous salts.
  •   Death didn't come.  Darkness fell, and Rhyn waited.  He paced and stretched, imagining there would be some kind of a struggle.  At long last, he forced himself to admit she wasn't coming.  No one could've overlooked the blow he dealt her underworld.  The trees all around them had died off with a tear forming in the earth that led in the direction of the palace.
  • In one direction the tabby shows a tendency to melanism which culminates in complete blackness, while in the other direction there is an equally marked tendency to albinism; grey cats, which may be regarded as tabbies whose stri p es have disappeared, forming the connecting link between the tabby and the white cat.
  • Between the mainland and Ramree lies a group of islands separated by deep, narrow, salt-water inlets, forming the north-eastern shore of Kyaukpyu harbour, which extends for nearly 30 m.
  • The first consists of cutting up the various fabrics and materials employed into shapes suitable for forming the leaves, petals, &c.; this may be done by scissors, but more often stamps are employed which will cut through a dozen or more thicknesses at one blow.

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