2nd Grade Grammar: Key Skills and Worksheets

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Updated November 24, 2020
2nd grade grammar
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For many children, one of the more exciting periods of education is when they begin to work their way through 2nd grade grammar. Having gotten past the difficulties of sounding out basic words and identifying letters, they are in a sort of "sponge" mode — absorbing new vocabulary with amazing speed. They begin excitedly using new words in their spoken conversations. The increase in communication becomes something of an adventure.

Identify and Use Collective Nouns

Second graders will study and practice using collective nouns.


Form and Use Irregular Plural Nouns

During second grade, students will learn how to form irregular plural noun forms of commonly used words.

Identify and Use Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are a part of the 2nd grade grammar curriculum.

  • Learn what reflexive pronouns are and how they are used.
  • Determine when to use a reflexive pronoun versus another type of pronoun.
  • Write sentences featuring reflexive pronouns.

Form Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

Second graders will go beyond basic verb skills by learning how to form and use the past tense of common irregular verbs.

irregular verb worksheet a


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Use Adjectives and Adverbs Correctly

Mastering the use of both adjectives and adverbs is important 2nd grade grammar skills.

elementary schooler adverb worksheet

Elementary schooler adverb worksheet

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Create Sentences With Proper Syntax

Second graders will need to learn to use proper syntax so they can write simple and complex sentences using proper word arrangement.

Capitalize Proper Nouns

Second grade punctuation skills include learning how to properly capitalize commonly used proper nouns.

intermediate capitalization practice

Intermediate capitalization practice worksheet

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Use Commas in Letter Greetings

Second graders will start to expand their knowledge of the ways commas should be used in letters.

  • Learn how to properly use commas in a letter's salutation (greeting).
  • Learn how to properly use commas in the closing of a letter.
  • Practice skills by writing a properly formatted letter, maybe to Santa Claus or the President.

Use Apostrophes in Contractions and Possessives

During second grade, students will discover how to use apostrophes to form contractions and possessives.


Determine the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words

Second graders will learn strategies to help them decipher the meaning of new words.

  • Determine the meaning of compound words based on the individual words that make them up.
  • Figure out what an unfamiliar word means by looking at the other words in the sentence.
  • Use familiar root words and common prefixes to figure out what unfamiliar words might mean.

Mastering 2nd Grade Grammar Skills

Second grade grammar development will push students to expand what they learned in first grade. They'll learn new rules of grammar and perfect the skills that were introduced the previous year. For even more information about what to expect in 2nd grade English class, review some examples of second grade vocabulary words.