Sentence Examples

  • Egg-albumin is the chief constituent of the white of egg; this fluid also contains a globulin and a mucoid.
  • Globulins: serum-globulin, egg-globulin, lacto - globulin, cell-globulins.
  • " Serum-globulin," also termed globulin or fibrino-plastic globulin, paraglobulin and paraglobin, occurs in blood serum; " cell-globulins " occur in many organs - liver,.
  • Kidneys, pancreas and the thyroid gland, also in muscle-plasma; " crystalline," a globulin occurring in two forms a and /3, is found in the lens of the eye; " egg-globulin " and " lactoglobulin " occur respectively in the white of egg and in milk.
  • Insoluble in pure water, but soluble in salt solutions; " edestin," a globulin of this class, is very widely distributed.