Sentence Examples

  • Artabanus was deserted by his followers and fled to the East.
  • He turned one of my allies, Oceanan, against me, and I do not know the strengths of his followers within my own walls.
  • Inside the city, Tiyan's men had wiped out all followers of Memon and begun to stack the bodies near the cliff.
  • Christoph Wittich (1625-1687), professor at Duisburg and Leiden, is a representative of the moderate followers who professed to reconcile the doctrines of their school with the faith of Christendom and to refute the theology of Spinoza.
  • It was an exciting chase of king by king, in which each covered the ground by incredible exertions, shedding their slower-going followers as they went, past Rhagae (Rai) and the Caspian gates, till early one morning Alexander came in sight of the broken train which still clung to the fallen king.

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